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8 week programme is a set weight based programme which progresses over the 8 weeks with the aim to make you fitter/stronger/leaner. You send check in photos and measurements to me to stay accountable and it covers all your nutrition needs... it’s a fully rounded educational, training and nutrition course with personal access to me for hand holding and guidance.


I’m really excited to bring you a sleeker, smarter more user friendly platform. This new online programme is geared around progressive overload, scheduled so that you know what workout to do and when. You will be fully supported by me and the team on WhatsApp and Facebook so that you should never be confused with nutrition.

8 weeks online coaching will see you educated in nutrition and training so that you learn how to make it fit your lifestyle and be flexible and sustainable. I’ll be holding your hand the whole way.



*Please note that the cost of this course is £120. You will be charged £2.95 shipping at checkout.* 

#GPT2point0 will give you: 

  • 8 week progressive training plan

  • Nutrition guidance/education videos 

  • Exercise tutorial videos 

  • Real time workouts including kettlebells and Pilates

  • Photo and measurements check ins 

  • Closed Facebook support group for: 

    • Recipe ideas 

    • Live Q&As 

    • Motivation 

    • Inspiration 

    • Accountability 


Click here to see our Frequently Asked Questions


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