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Georgina Hall Personal Trainer


The Backyard, Newcastle-upon-Tyne and online...

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Training programmes offer structure and progression to improve strength and body composition which in turn can make you feel more bad ass.  

They can be tailored to your individual goals and lifestyle, working from whatever level you’re currently at.


Learn how to make your diet work for you.

Be flexible. Be social. Be informed.

Calories, macros, tracking: what you need to know. Science backed and simplified.


Education = empowerment.

Strengthen your mind and improve your confidence with knowledge.

Learn how and why you’re getting results as you get them.


About Georgina Hall


I’m a queer personal trainer and nutritionist working out of The Backyard, Newcastle-upon-Tyne and online.


I’m not a personal trainer because I want to help you lose weight... I’m a personal trainer because I want to empower you to feel your best self, whatever that means to you.

I’ve cultivated my skills and services over the last ten years in the industry training thousands of people online, outside and on the gym floor in order to encourage and support you, as an individual, to reach your goals and feel awesome.


GPT is not just about the training session, it’s about what goes on outside of the hour in the gym; building a community to inspire, support and motivate you with nutrition and exercise, empathy and compassion. 

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