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Online Coaching

We begin with an hour coaching call over zoom to get to know each other, discuss your needs and make a plan for you moving forward to live optimally - healthy, happy, confident and calm.

What does it involve?

Most people think they need a diet and exercise programme from a personal trainer.

But the truth is you can find free calorie counters, generic diet plans, exercise programmes and home workout videos all over the internet.

You don’t use them...

Because what you actually need is support, guidance, reassurance from someone you trust to get you where you want to be.

You need someone to help personalise your plan, make it specific to you and your lifestyle, challenge your pre conceived ideas about yourself and help remove the barriers that have been preventing you from moving forward.


I will help you to not only reach your body goals but also to understand your own choices and mindset that keep you stuck, repeating the same patterns and cycles.


Understand why diets constantly fail you.


Discover why you struggle to sustain your body goals over the long term.

All online coaching includes...

  • A personalised progressive training programme based around your lifestyle, likes and needs 

  • Video form checks, tips and support

  • Access to GPT education platform with modules to complete including nutrition, menstrual health, mindset and psychology

  • Real time workouts including Pilates and Yoga to support your prescribed training

  • Mindfulness homework and coaching to support emotional well-being and self awareness

  • WhatsApp support within working hours

  • Weekly check ins via email and google forms

  • Monthly phone/zoom check in

Online coaching investment: £240 per month

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