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MOT Coaching Call

An hour coaching call with me to discuss your needs and make a plan for you moving forward to live optimally - healthy, happy, confident and calm.

This can be taken up as a one off or as part of a coaching package, this will be determined in your pre MOT assessment.


What does it involve?

Most people think they need a diet and exercise programme from a personal trainer.

But the truth is you can find free calorie counters, generic diet plans, exercise programmes and home workout videos all over the internet.

You don’t use them...

Because what you actually need is support, guidance, reassurance from someone you trust to get you where you want to be.

You don’t need me to stand next to you in the gym and count your reps.

You don’t need me to tell you what to eat.


You need me to question your motivation, ask you about your sleep health, menstrual cycle, stress management techniques, emotional coping strategies, general lifestyle.

Then we can come up with a plan that’s going to work for you in the long term together.

Book via the link below and I will be in touch to arrange a day and time for your coaching call. 

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