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I have been training with Georgina for almost a year. Even though I have trained with other personal trainers I have found this a totally different experience. She has excellent knowledge in training & nutrition. She educates you in both to be confident even when you’re not with her. Sessions are varied & tailored to each individual. She takes you out your comfort zone & this sees the results. The sessions don’t get easier as you get stronger as they are adapted to your levels. 


When  I started I couldn’t lift many weights & ive seen my strength & fitness increase & my body shape change. There are no silly diets & no quick fixes. It’s flexible eating that allows you to still enjoy the good things in life & know how to build them into your lifestyle. Bring part of the support group is amazing, there is a family feel & the help with nutrition & training is second to none. Having access to the GPT2Point0 programme means you can train whenever & whenever suits your life style with no excuses. I am motivated to go to every session. If you are looking to lose weight, feel fitter, build strength then I cannot recommend Georgina enough.

Two months I made a choice, to get fitter, to eat better and to be healthier. I knew I wouldn't be able to do it on my own so #arsekick it was. I very nearly didn't do it but Georgina GH Hall believed in me so why shouldn't I believe in myself! I feel so much better, I am stronger, I am fitter and I am healthier! And there's an amazing group as well as Georgina who have been great motivation throughout. They've kept me entertained, given me great food ideas, and encouraged me. 

And it doesn't stop there #GPT is now for life. 


6 weeks ago my confidence was low, I felt uncomfortable in my clothes and in my skin. I exercised fairly hard but thought as a result I could eat what I wanted regardless. Arsekick has shown me that this is not the case!!

I've worked hard, counted calories and more importantly thought about exactly what was going into my body. I've stopped drinking Diet Coke, cut down on alcohol and given my daughter and myself much better nutrition. This was never about losing weight. It was about changing my life, looking after my body, getting strong physically and mentally. 

Thank you Georgina and the group it's been an absolute blast!! Much love


I signed up to GPT four months before my wedding to shape up and feel my best for the big day-what I didn’t know then is that I would still be training a year later. I have previously done short term training programmes elsewhere that were quick fixes to lose weight but they were in no way sustainable.


With Georgina’s training and nutrition advice I have found a much more balanced lifestyle where I don’t need to restrict myself and can make better decisions about my diet which mean I can enjoy socialising, eating out, drinks on a weekend etc. I am stronger and leaner than I’ve ever been and in better shape now than my wedding day. Going to the gym is now rewarding and inspiring as I get to train with awesome people!

So being a fitness instructor myself the question I always get asked is ‘why do you have a Personal Trainer when you could just do it all yourself?’. The answer for me is so simple... Having a Personal Trainer is not just about making sure you are doing the exercises right or making sure you are exercising in a safe environment and doing the right things to help you achieve your goals - it’s so much more than that and it’s something I couldn’t achieve by myself.


It’s about someone giving me motivation and energy, it’s about someone being there for me and holding me accountable for my fitness journey. It’s about someone who is constantly educating themselves to make sure they are always at the top of their game and knows the most about new developments in the industry so they can pass this onto their clients.


The important thing about a Personal Trainer is choosing the right person - trusting someone, having confidence in their knowledge and being able to completely be yourself and feel comfortable with them.


For me this person is Georgina - I absolutely love my Personal Training sessions with her - I can say, hand on heart, I have never had so much fun with my training and I have never achieved such results which are not only being noticed but are also sustainable - and I have trained for a loooong time!!! The group ethos she instils is amazing - we basically have a whole new family and we are all there for each other every step of the way through our fitness journeys

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