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Client Testimonials

“I wanted to find an LGBTQ+ inclusive space and trainer to help me.  Kind, positive and friendly place to train."

Tobi, Backyard group member

Really enjoyed the supportive and community spirit where all abilities work and train together, it's super fun and you don't feel like you're being judged.


I’ve been coming to sessions in the Backyard for nearly a year. In that time, I have got fitter, stronger and lifted heavier weights than I thought possible. Georgina is a force of nature and a great trainer. She always makes sure my form is good and I’m doing things properly, even if she has to repeat herself most weeks! She does this with good humour and comes up with the most inventive, memorable coaching cues.

The Backyard has a great sense of community, encouragement and fun. Nobody takes themselves too seriously and we support each other. I go for the workout, but the chat is good too and there is lots of laughter. I look forward to coming to sessions here, which is not how I felt when I went to the gym.


Started with Georgina back in July 2022, having limited fitness/gym experience. I wanted to find a LGBTQ+ inclusive space and trainer to help me, and this is Georgina. Going to the backyard sessions has boosted my confidence and made me feel much stronger. Georgina is friendly and supportive of the progress you make, giving the perfect advice to improve technique. She encourages you to push yourself, record progress, and gets involved with the sessions herself so you don't feel lost. If you are looking for a kind, positive, and friendly space to train and increase your general all-round fitness I would recommend Georgina to anybody.

I started training with Georgina in July 2019 and it is one of the best decisions I have made. First of all I started PT sessions with Georgina to help build my strength and confidence and then I also started joining her group sessions. Georgina is extremely knowledgeable, makes every session fun and really takes the time to explain the exercises so not only do you know how to do them properly, but you also understand why you are doing them.

On top of the PT and group sessions Georgina also offers advice about nutrition, gives you great reading recommendations and during lockdown she has also been offering her Facebook group meditation sessions.

If you want a fun and sustainable approach to training and nutrition then I would highly recommend getting in touch with Georgina.


Really enjoyed the supportive and community spirit where all abilities work and train together, it's super fun and you don't feel like you're being judged.


I started training with Georgina in January 23 after a taster session in Dec 22. I had mentioned that I was a bit nervous because group exercise (and especially using weights) was out of my comfort zone but Georgina and the entire Backyard gang put me at ease straight away. My confidence has improved so much and it is so refreshing to be able to learn to move my body in ways that will make me stronger without the fear of judgement or 'failure'. I LOVE that the sessions aren't focused on weightloss and instead about feeling good, challenging yourself and forming connections. I have struggled to stick with other types of exercise but Georgina is skillful, very patient and adaptive to my style of learning which I've found to be rare in a PT (and great for me because sometimes I want to just play with Patch the friendly pup that is sometimes at sessions yay or chat about reality TV.) I still have a long way to go but the supportive and extremely inclusive environment encourages me to keep going. Would recommend training with Georgina to anyone who wants to move their body in positive ways, meet new people and try new things. My partner has mentioned that I seem generally happier since attending and it is a lush way to spend an evening in all north eastern weather. Thank you Georgina and gang!xo


I love being part of the backyard community. Everyone is really welcoming and supportive. I’ve learned so much about training from Georgina and have seen progress in strength and fitness while never feeling judged or intimidated. Fun, inclusive, feel good sessions.

I joined the backyard sessions in August 2022 after losing my fitness during the pandemic. I enjoy the back yard sessions, no workout is ever the same and the group is always a lovely bunch of supportive people. The fact that I go even if it's raining is testament to how enjoyable they are. Georgina is a great PT, will always answer any questions you have and makes you feel relaxed from the get go, she's also just a really nice person who actually cares about you.

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