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The Backyard


The Backyard is my indoor/outdoor training facility close to Newcastle City Centre, for both 1-1 personal training and small group sessions.  It's an LGBTQ+ friendly and inclusive space for all/any bodies.

1-1/Personal Training


If you want to work on something specific - maybe you have a particular goal or are recovering from an injury - or you would simply rather train on your own/with a friend, 1-1/private training covers what you need with face to face training and online nutrition/education support outside of your sessions.

1-1 Coaching Prices

Personal coaching package investment varies depending on the level of support needed...

3 x private sessions per week: Investment = £396 per month

2 x private sessions per week: Investment = £299 per month

Hybrid options combining 1-1 with small group training available...  

Get the best of both worlds with the personal approach of private sessions, online support/nutrition coaching/education and the camaraderie, motivation and social aspect of group sessions.

1 x private + 1 x group per week: Investment £220 per month

Small Group Training



Whatever the weather, we're out flipping tyres, smashing sledgehammers, swinging kettlebells and generally getting fit and strong, while having a bit of fun. 

It might sound a bit scary, but these lighthearted sessions are sociable, inclusive and suitable for all levels, as exercises can be skipped, swapped or modified (Assistant Coach PatchDog is often around to offer moral support and a distraction if needed!).  

Group Training Timetable


5.30 - 7.00pm  (Mobility, strength and conditioning)


5.30pm - 6.30pm (strength and conditioning).


5.30pm - 6.30pm (cardio conditioning). 


9.30-10.30am (strength and conditioning)

5.30pm - 6.30pm (strength and conditioning)

Group Training Prices

The Backyard runs on a monthly membership basis so that you are not just dipping your toe in, you are committed to both yourself and the group, to make a positive change for mind and body. 



2 sessions per week

£104 per month

3 sessions per week

£132 per month

4 sessions per week

£160 per month


Click the link below to sign up.

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