Frequently asked questions

What exercise will be involved?

You will be given a mixture of kettlebell and Pilates sessions that cover resistance, cardio and core training and are programmed towards progressive overload. These sessions can be done either in the gym or at home and you can follow the workouts along with Georgina via video tutorials on the members only site.

Is the programme personalised?

Georgina will teach you how to personalise it yourself. As long as you stay accountable to her, ask questions and keep in contact she can keep it as personal as possible based on your check ins and feedback.

Do I take my own measurements and before photos?

Yes. You will be asked to submit your measurements and photos every two weeks to keep a track of progress. Photos need to be take from the front, side and back, full body in front of a clear wall.

Is nutrition support included?

Yes! You will be given a set of guidelines, taught how to workout your calorie and macro needs and there are plenty of useful recipe shares and diet hacks in the Facebook group.

Do you need equipment for the training programme?

You’ll need a heavy kettlebell for compound moves and one light enough to press above your head as well as an exercise mat.

What happens after the 8 weeks are up?

Hopefully you will have grown to love us so much that you want to keep your membership, stay in the Facebook group and retain access to the online platform; as well as gaining access to the graduate content such as exercise tutorials and extra programme plans so that if you are feeling confident and knowledgable enough to go it alone you can take GPT with you to the gym. A rolling monthly membership is only £10 pcm.

If you have any additional questions as you go along be sure to post them in the Facebook support group. Someone in there will have likely asked before, you’re sure to get a quick response and it’s a great way of getting to know the team and being involved.