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Nutrition GUIDANCE

Welcome to #GPT2POINT0

Do you lack confidence with your training and nutrition?


Do you struggle knowing how many calories to eat? How much protein?


Do you go to the gym but not really know what you’re doing? 


Do you just stick to cardio because you don’t know where to start with weights?


Do you only go to classes because it feels safer?

This new 8 week programme with online platform gives you all the training and nutrition resources you need to lose weight, get stronger and feel more confident in and out of the gym.


You get an 8 week workout plan that you can do with only a couple of kettlebells and an exercise mat - this means you can do it at home and have me on your smart tv/laptop/iPad or take me to the gym.


I’ll break down every exercise for you, coach you through the sets and do it in real time with videos to copy so it feels like you have a PT in your pocket.


This is the closest thing I can offer to personal training over the power of the internet and comes at a fraction of the cost.

So here’s what you get...


  • 8-week training programme centred around progressive overload

  • Coaching videos

  • Real-time Pilates workouts

  • Full nutrition guidance with pdf download and tutorial videos - how to work out your calories and what macro split to aim for...

  • Access to the Facebook support group for motivation, inspiration, ideas and recipe sharing

  • Photo and measurement check-ins for accountability

  • Ask questions any time

💁🏼‍♀️ Confidence

💪🏻 Strength

🤓 Education

💃🏼 Fat loss

🕺🏼 Energy

🏋🏼‍♀️ Consistency

💆🏼 Mindset 

🥇 Motivation

👏🏻 Support ​​

While still keeping your social life!

NOW here’s what you’ll ACTUALLY get...
  • Welcome Pack
    Welcome to the introduction module. Please watch the videos and download the pack, print it and keep it with you or save to your desktop. The planning stage is key to your success. You will need to download MyFitnessPal onto your mobile to track your food and calculate macros easily. It also helps to have an activity tracker such as a Fitbit in order to ensure you have the most accurate view of your calories burnt in order to get the best results. Progressive Overload? DOWNLOADS 8 Week Programme Schedule GPT Nutrition Guide GPT Nutrition Guide - Vegetarian Edition
  • Week 1 and 2
    Resources Kettlebell Lower and Upper Guide Lower Body Kettlebells Pilates Week 1 & 2 Upper Body Kettlebells
  • Week 3 and 4
    Resources Kettlebell Lower and Upper Guide Lower Body Kettlebells Pilates Week 3 & 4 Upper Body Kettlebells
  • Week 5 and 6
    Kettlebell Push Pull Guide
  • Week 7 and 8
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