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“Changing your body doesn’t change your body image…”

“Changing your body doesn’t change your body image…” (Hall, 2020)

In research body image is defined as how we think and feel about the way our body looks and functions and in turn how we behave towards and treat our bodies. Our self perception, how we evaluate our appearance and relate to our body.

The common idea of body image is more about whether or not we love our body and how we rate its attractiveness.

Whereas in academic literature the subject is more nuanced, more holistic, more than just liking the body but having feelings of gratitude, acceptance, respect and trust, regardless of societal standards or external pressures.

Cultivating connectedness with the body, building a relationship with it/with ourselves.

People with a more positive body image tend to be more connected with their body and more accepting of all body types/looks.

On the flip side, body negativity is tied to being hung up on the way you look, obsessing over aesthetics and a higher likelihood of judging others…

Positive body image is also linked to a better relationship with food, more intuitive eating and mindfulness as well as making it more likely that movement of some sort, exercise will be part of your daily life.

I don’t believe it’s likely that every woman loves every mm of her body nor do I think its necessary…

But I do believe we all need to start from the inside out to make positive changes in the way we feel, think and look…

What do you think?

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