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Do You Suffer With Food Guilt...?

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve woken up and felt like a piece of Shit due to the amount I mindlessly ate the night before... then gone straight for a run as a kind of self flagellation to try and “burn it off” or relieve my guilt.

Now I eat what I enjoy and stop eating when I stop enjoying. So the only thing I have to think about after was how delicious it was...

How do you get to this point…?

You need to move away from this diet mentality of:

🚩 good and bad foods

🚩 all or nothing

🚩 living for the weekend

🚩 cheat meals

🚩 shoulds and shouldn’ts

🚩 earning food

🚩 burning off foods

🚩 ‘saving up’ calories

Move into:

🌮 Unconditional permission to eat.

🍕 Food freedom.

🍩 Acceptance and neutrality.

🥗 No moral attachment to foods.

Become more aware of and work on the drivers, thoughts, feelings that lead to over eating and/or using food as a form of control or self soothing…

This is all easier said than done of course.

Like everything it requires practice.

Like everything you’ll probably fuck it up a few times.

And that’s ok.

Things that will help you:

💃🏼 Moving your body in ways that feel good and not to burn calories or to make yourself smaller.

🏋️ Strength training

🧠 Meditation

📓 Journalling

🗣 Therapy

🧘 Yoga

If this is something you can relate to and you could use some help with your new mindset and making a plan to move forward - drop me an email or head to the 'work with me' page and fill in a coaching application.

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