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Why Health Isn’t Just Weight Loss and Running…

“What’s your goal?”

A question I ask every client during their initial consultation or ‘MOT’.

“Lose weight and tone”.

An answer I’ve heard more times than any other…

“But WHY?”

Health and well-being is so much more than just weight loss and running.

What about mental health, healthy relationships, self love, sleep hygiene, stress management, spiritual wellbeing?

Don’t get me wrong, physical activity and a nutritious diet will support all of these things and that’s another reason we do them: not just to burn calories.

What about…

  • Confidence

  • Happiness

  • Positive Body Image

  • Self Love

  • Improved Relationships (with yourself and others)

  • Better relationship with food

  • Health

  • Strength

  • Stamina - keep up with your kids

  • Make kids proud

  • Be a role model

  • Better sex life

  • Sex with the lights on

  • The ability to see yourself (or have someone else see you) naked

  • Enjoy clothes shopping, be able to buy clothes that you want

  • Get YOU back

These are some of the motivations my clients have given me over the years and some of the by-products they’ve seen from knowing how to eat and train and look after themselves optimally.

SO! What can we do to achieve these things?

Where do we start?

Things you can do for overall wellbeing…

1. Find a way to exercise that you actually ENJOY!

Rather than something that feels like a punishment. The amount of people I meet who think they have to run to lose weight or get fit…

“Do you like running?”


“Well then find something else!”

Dance fitness, pole, Barre, Pilates, Yoga, team sports (maybe not right now), squash, hiking, surfing, boxing, weight lifting, the list goes on!

Find what works for you.

2. Get outside in nature

Being in nature increases our psychological wellbeing and lowers stress significantly more than urban walks.

It reduces cortisol, decreases blood pressure and heart rate and also helps reduce neural activity associated with depression and anxiety.

3. Walk

Such an under appreciated form of exercise. Low impact, no cost. Can incorporate nature, mindfulness practice, family time or alone time.

Next time you go for a walk - (after you’ve caught up with all my Phemale Empowered podcasts!) lose the headphones and try bringing your attention to the things around you…

Listen to the sound of the ground under your feet. What can you hear around you? What can you smell? Notice how your feet move from heel to toe…

Welcome to the present!

4. Practice mindfulness

Being present as mentioned above. This is a good way for beginners to start with meditation as you don’t have to sit with yourself in silence trying to quiet your mind!

Like anything meditation is something you need to practice. Don’t expect to be good at it straight away! Maybe start with a guided option - try yoga or the Headspace app.

Watch how being present and mindful helps lower anxiety, improve your relationship with food, yourself and others.

5. Eat more vegetables

Rather than thinking about what you can cut out of your diet to make it lower calorie, think about what you can add in to make it healthier and more nutrient rich!

Sometimes it feels like wellness is a bit wanky… inaccessible or used as a platform to look down from… but for me, it’s not about veganism, superfoods or shopping at organic supermarkets… It’s not about needing expensive trainers, doing burpees or having the right running gear (although I know a new pair of leggings and a good sports bra can do wonders for motivation ;) ) …For me it’s a triad of physical, mental and spiritual health and anything that we can do to support any of those things is perfect.


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