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Willpower Shmillpower

Here’s a story about a guy called Nathan I read about recently…

Nathan wanted to lose some weight for his high school reunion. He knew he’d bump into his ex there and didn’t want to look like a fat middle aged man when he used to be handsome and athletic…

Nathan had always made fun of women on diets… “what’s the big deal? Just eat less. Exercise some self control.”

So, Nathan decided his strategy would be to just eat half of what was on his plate and leave the rest… but every time he got half way through his meal he ended up finishing it. Feeling like a failure and thinking that he’d fucked it every time he ended up having desert as well - to either seal the failure or make himself feel better.

Now Nathan could have implemented many different strategies - he could have only put half a portion on his plate, used a smaller plate, filled up more with vegetables, but nope, Nathan was adamant he just had to be strong, have some willpower.

Long story short, he ended up going on a crash liquid diet, dropping a load of weight for the reunion and then putting it all back on AND THEN SOME afterwards.

I’m not sure that’s being strong or having willpower…

Anyway… Willpower isn’t just something you have or don’t have. It needs help, it needs exercising, it requires practice.

You might need different strategies to succeed. You might need a plan. You definitely need to consider maintenance - what daily habits do you need to cultivate…?

You will fuck up but how will you handle those fuck ups? What will you do differently next time? How can you learn from them?

Sometimes you might just need someone to help prompt these questions.

Enter Georgina.

Send me a message to see what strategies we could implement to help you.

Don’t be like Nathan.

Nathan’s a daft cunt.


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